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Our Mission


The Prenatal Clinic provides community-centered prenatal care and health education to medically indigent pregnant women in the Brazos Valley. Comprehensive, accessible and affordable prenatal care and health education are the best ways to improve pregnancy outcomes. They are also the foundation of a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth, a nurturing family and a viable community. Our goal is to reduce illness and death associated with the prenatal (pregnancy) and perinatal (around the time of birth) periods. Specifically, the clinic aims to reduce the number of low birth-weight infants and the rate of newborn mortality.

The Clinic is now conveniently located next to the Brazos Transit bus terminal, in a new, well equipped facility, shared with the Family Health Clinic, W.I.C., the Brazos Family Dental Clinic and other community service agencies.

Since the Prenatal Clinic was founded in 1985:

  • The number of Brazos County women who give birth with no prenatal care has been reduced by 76%.
  • The number of Prenatal Clinic patients starting their prenatal care in the first trimester has risen from 30% in 1987 to over 65% in 2009.
  • The number of fetal deaths in Brazos County declined by 26% since 1992.


  • The mothers of over 25% of the babies born in Brazos County are seen at the Prenatal Clinic.
  • The Prenatal Clinic annually serves over 750 women, many of whom might otherwise receive no prenatal care.
  • Through a Social Services program and referrals, the Prenatal Clinic
    also helps these families to obtain other necessary health, education, and assistance services.


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